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Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and is considered the cradle of Western culture. If you think of the Greek capital, immediately the Acropolis (literally: high town) comes to mind, the most famous monument of classical antiquity, tower...

History Athens


According to myth, the city owes its name to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. In a duel to become patron saint of the city she defeated Poseidon, god of the sea, by giving the city the olive tree. The first people probably started to live here...

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Attica Zoo

Attica Zoo is ideal for spending a day outside the city with kids. The park is situated near the airport and is easily accessible with the underground railway. Initially a bird park, this place has grown into a real zoo. They are more than the thirty...

Tower of Winds

The remarkable Tower of Winds is situated in the middle of the Roman Agora, and was once built by an astronomer (Andronicus of Cyrrhus), as wind vane and water clock. The tower had a water clock measuring day time, indicated by the water level in the...

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Temple of Olympian Zeus

The biggest temple in Greece is not the Parthenon, but the Temple of Olympian Zeus. In 515 BC, the tyrant Pisistratus began its construction, but his regime was overthrown, and only 7 centuries later, it was completed by the Roman emperor Hadrian. On...

Syntagma Square

Called after the constitution, it still has a political meaning, because the parliament is situated across the street. Most demonstrations are held here. The staircase at the Parliament is a popular meeting place for Athenians. The "Monument of the U...

Beaches in Athens

In Athens there are two kinds of beaches; those free of entry and those for which you have to pay. On the paid beaches, like Grand Beach Lagonissi or Asteria Seaside, you can get a massage, there are several bars and there are also slides for kids an...

Pireos street graffiti

Graffiti in Athens is as old as the city itself. Already since classical antiquity, they carved texts on the walls, and even the word itself originates from ancient Greek ("grapho" = to write, to carve). During the German occupation and the junta, it...