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Barcelona is currently one of the most popular destinations for a trip. And with reason - whoever visits Barcelona should set his or her sights high! You'll find a summary of Barcelona's nicest districts and spots below. The Rambla is Barc...

History Barcelona


The Roman settlement of Barcino was founded around 13 BC. The Romans ruled Spain for the next 600 years, and it is to this period that the city owes its language and culture. During the 5th century, the city was occupied by the Visigoths, an impor...

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Museu Marítim

This museum is constructed in 1941 and is situated near Barcelona's old harbour. In 2002, it has been renovated, and since then, visitors are making a trip through the world of the sea. Because of its interactivity, this museum is ideal for kids. You...

Chocolate Museum

Who doesn't like chocolate? In Barcelona you certainly won't find anyone who thinks it's nasty - you just have to look at the numerous chocolate and bonbon shops spread throughout the city. The icing on the cake (or perhaps the chocolate topping on t...

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Have you read the international best seller, 'The shadow of the wind', by Carlos Ruiz Zafon? Or are you curious about the cafe that inspired Picasso, Dali and Miro? The legendary 4Gats really does exist and the atmosphere is just as mysterious as the...

Public holidays

1 January: New Year's Day6 January: Epiphany19 March: San Jose1 May: Labour Day15 August: The Assumption of the Virgin Mary12 October: Hispanic Day1 November: All Saints6 December: Constitution Day 8 December: Conception of the Blessed Virgin25 Decem...

El Xampanyet

This bodega is nothing like you'd expect. No dinner jackets, ball gowns or cigarette holders. If you want, you can even come in your pyjamas! Nobody pays any attention to how you look or what you wear, so the atmosphere is enjoyably relaxed. The blue...

CDLC Barcelona

CDLC means Carpe Diem Lounge Club. "Seize the day" Patrick Kluivert must have thought when he started the club a couple of years ago. It's an ideal location for an up-time party with a good combination of food, relaxation, dance, service, music and i...