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A round trip of the canals in Bruges

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Bruges is called the Venice of the North for a reason. A boat tour on the scenic 'reien' is highly recommended. Reien are small canals passing through the entire centre of Bruges, called after the river Reie. Because of the arched bridges you pass under, the connection with the romantic Venice is quickly made. The tours last about a half an hour during which you can sit and relax in a small boat, while listening to some Bruges' anecdotes. There are various points you can get on the boat in the city.
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The Belfort

During the middle ages it was customary for a city to have a watchtower with an alarm bell (a Belfort). In Flemish cities, the Hallen (markets) were held at the foot of the tower and for this reason, a Belfort is also sometimes known as a Halletoren...

City walls and Gateways

Like many old cities, Bruges was once surrounded by city walls. While nothing remains of the original 9th century walls and gateways, there are remnants of the later 12th and 13th century walls. A number of gateways, such as the Smedenpoort, the Ezel...

The Beguinage, the Vineyard

The Beguinage was founded in 1245 by Margaretha of Constantinople (the then Countess of Flanders). Small houses surrounded by a white wall, dovecotes and herb gardens stand in the Beguinage. Until 1930, beguines lived in the Beguinage. They occupied...