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Buda and Pest, the two lovers who were separated by the 'die schone blaue Donau' (the beautiful blue Danube). Dignified Buda, the inspiration of many an artist, is now primarily as a tourist attraction. Westerly Pest is the modern city's...

History Budapest


In 100 AD, the banks of the Danube were populated by the Romans, who established an army camp on the site of what's now the Obuda district. The Romans ruled here for three centuries. Following this different German and Slavic tribes, and later th...

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Budapest Marathon

The Budapest Marathon was first held in 1984. It's always been a really great event and is being organized this year for the 23rd time. The route follows the Danube across the bridges into hilly Buda and flat Pest. Over 10,000 runners take part in th...

Jewish Summer Festival

Thanks to the political changes of 1990, Jewish culture is again able to develop freely. Jews celebrate their traditions in spectacular fashion during the Jewish Summer Festival. The festival was first held in 1997 and has become hugely popular! It f...

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Hungaroring Formula 1 Grand Prix

One of the leading events in Budapest in the middle of the summer is the Formula 1 Grand Prix. This annual event is held around August at the Hungaroring race track in Mogyorod, a small place some 19 kilometres from Budapest. It's developed into one...


Vorosmarty Square, in the heart of Pest, is the location for Budapest's Christmas market this year. It's one of Europe's biggest Christmas markets, where over 150 shows ensure that the public is kept entertained. There are performances of Hungarian f...

Danube Carnival

Danube Carnival has been celebrated in Budapest since 1996. It's an international cultural festival and will be held for the thirteenth time this year. The eight day festival is filled with music and dance programmes. All sorts of shows are staged th...

Spring Festival

Every Spring, around March or April, a series of events is organized at different venues in the city. The Spring Festival is Hungary's biggest cultural event and has been held since 1981. The festival offers different styles of music such as jazz, da...