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Club Reserva

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If you’re into music and love a good drink then why not combine the two at Club Reserva, Ghent’s music bistro? The venue is located inside an early 17th century building which still features the original wooden facades. In addition to being a music store, Club Reserva also hosts concerts and live music by both jazz and blues artists, ranging from newbies to local talent to those of international fame. Many concerts are free which makes an evening of music paired with a drink and a bite to eat at Club Reserva even more appealing. The club can be found in the vibrant Jan Breydelstraat, just around the corner from Graslei and Korenlei.
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Jan Breydelstraat 32
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ma di wo do 10:00 - 00:00
vr 10:00 - 03:00
za zo 11:45 - 03:00

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