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Enchanting Ghent

Picturesque squares, lovely paved little streets and impressive cathedrals characterise Ghent’s enchanting urban image.   CityZapper’s editors selected the best tips and advice on Ghent for you and the team created this online city...

History Ghent


The name Ghent was derived from the old Celtic word 'Ganda', which means confluence, and which refers to the confluence of the rivers Scheldt and Leie. Both rivers ran through lands that were prone to flooding, which didn’t make them id...

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Ask young Ghent locals where you should be heading for a great night out and, without a doubt, the name Charlatan will come up sooner rather than later. Charlatan has three large rooms, an outdoor café, weekly performances by a variety of bands and D...

Belga Queen

Belga Queen, with branches in both Brussels and Ghent, is the place to go to if you fancy a classy night out! This establishment is situated at the ornate Korenstapelhuis, a guild house dating from the 13th century which offers great views of both th...

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Simon Says

Simon Says can be found in the historic district of Patershol. This vibrant coffee bar is perfect for get-togethers with family and friends whilst enjoying a steaming cup of coffee and a snack or two. If you have worked up an appetite, then why not g...

Mrs Beanzz

Mrs. Beanzz is a place you might easily overlook when shopping at Lange Munt. However, this lunchroom is easily spotted when you approach it from Korenlei and Graslei. The cheerful lights which decorate the small courtyard together with Mrs. Beanzz’...

Kaai 14

Kaai 14 has a somewhat unfortunate location, right opposite Ghent’s peepshow. However, this contemporary restaurant with its industrial look certainly packs a punch when it comes to lunch. Only seasonal produce and fresh seafood are used in the dishe...

Café 't Galgenhuis

Right beside the ‘Groot Vleeshuis’ (Great Butchers’ Hall), you’ll find Ghent’s oldest and smallest café: ‘t Galgenhuis (the Gallows House). This used to be the place where the less well-off would buy their meat in times gone by. The meat, often of in...