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Public Holidays

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1 January: New Year's Day6 January: Epiphany19 March: San Jose1 May: Labour Day15 August: The Assumption of the Virgin Mary12 October: Hispanic Day1 November: All Saints 6 December: Constitution Day8 December: Conception of the Blessed Virgin25 December: Christmas DayOther holidays include White Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday
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Meer services in Madrid

Dos and don'ts

In Madrid men greet each other with a handshake (and sometimes a clap on the shoulder). As in many Mediterranean countries, it's also common for men to greet each other with an abrazo (hug). Women greet each other in the same way, accompanied by a ki...


As in most European countries, the currency of Spain is the Euro (symbolised as EUR or €). Other currencies are normally not accepted, so be sure to change dollars, etc. at one of the currency exchange offices located throughout the city. Most shops...

Dutch Embassy in Madrid

The Royal Dutch Embassy in Madrid represents, protects and promotes the interests of the Dutch government and Dutch citizens in Spain. If you would encounter any immediate issues during your city trip, you can always contact the embassy. Even for you...