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Vienna has much more to offer than just art and opera. During your visit you'll be surprised by the multitude of possibilities in the Austrian capital. The city has much to offer. You can take advantage of the wonderful shopping, play sports a...

History Vienna


Iron and salt mining drew many peoples to the area where Vienna now lies: Firstly the Romans around 1000 BC and later the Germans. German speaking peoples ultimately managed to gain the upper hand. In 1221 Vienna received the rights of a city, and a...

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Fabios Restaurant

Fabios is so trendy it's almost over the top. Viennese high society comes to the restaurant to see and be seen and it swarms with local celebrities. With its dark leather chairs and transparent walls the fashionable interior brings a touch of Milanes...

Coburg Palace

Unless you're lucky enough to have just won the lottery, you shouldn't even consider dining at Restaurant Coburg. However if you do, you'll certainly be getting value for money. The restaurant is located in the magnificent 19th century Coburg Palace...

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Oswald & Kalb

This restaurant lies tucked behind St Stephen's Cathedral. White walls, a dark interior and paintings of dogs keep you company. You can wine and dine here in fine style. The menu offers an extensive choice and recommendations include the typical Aus...

Museum Quartier

Museums Quartier is a big cultural complex with a vast amount of museums, magnificent buildings and theatres. Quartier is a combination of buildings of classic baroque and new modern constructions. It's situated in the recently rediscovered Neubau ar...

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Vienna is the place to go to learn all about nature, history and culture. There's a collection of prehistoric art, precious stones and minerals, anthropology and many other historic objects. You'll even see numerous stuf...


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg but lived in Vienna, where he wrote his most important works, from the age of 25. The child prodigy had already written his first piece of music aged five, but it wasn't until he arrived in the capital tha...