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The Taproom

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Situated at the foot of Devil’s Peak you’ll find The Taproom, showcasing the latest creations from the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. The beer might be brewed locally but it is consumed all around the world! This laid-back bar lets you relax with a beer while you take in the magnificent views outside. The Taproom opens at 08:00 am for breakfast (and a beer if you fancy one that early) and closes around 23:00 pm. On the menu, you’ll find a rather unique cheeseburger as well as the bar’s legendary pulled pork sandwich, a Philly cheese roll, red quinoa and chicken salad, fish & chips and many, many other great tasting dishes. It is needless to say that The Taproom offers dozens of beers on draught but the bar also has a changing tap. In addition, spirits and liqueurs are also available for those not keen on beer while having a keen interest in the bar’s spectacular views! Be aware that The Taproom is closed on Sundays!
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95 Durham Ave
Opening times
ma 08:00 - 16:00
di wo do vr za 08:00 - 23:00

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