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Ice on Whyte Festival

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Thinking of Canada, ice and snow will certainly cross your mind. Every year, the Ice on Whyte Festival grabs Canadian winter by the snowballs and carves it into a wicked combo of ice and art. 70,000 kilos (155,000 pounds) of ice is used every year to turn the festival into an unforgettable experience for its visitors. An international ice carving competition challenges contestants to win first price with their veritable works of art. But visitors can join in the fun as well! Skate on the festival’s enormous ice-skating rink, ride a gigantic ice slide or learn to carve ice like a pro! One of the hottest shows (pun intended) takes place on the festival’s closing night when you’ll witness fire melt an enormous ice sculpture right back into water again.
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Friday 22 January 2016
t/m Sunday 31 January 2016
Gateway Boulevard Tommy Bank Way
104 Street & 86 Avenue (52)

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