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March Dining Month

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First held back in 2009, March Dining Month offers gourmets the chance to enjoy an entire month of fine dining at very reasonable prices. Originally, this special event was held in the month of June but has since been brought forward three months on the city’s event calendar. The city’s best restaurants offer everyone the chance to enjoy a three-course dinner for only $29 during this mouth-watering experience. In addition, March is a great month to enjoy the sights and sounds of Portland. The concept keeps expanding which means that every year, more and more restaurants participate in March Dining Month. If saving yourself some money and eating delicious food wasn't a good enough reason to visit, the event also donates money to the Oregon Food Bank for each reservation made, so it's a great way to be charitable whilst helping yourself to a tasty discount. If that's not a good reason to break the diet, we don't know what is. 
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Tuesday 01 March 2016
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