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Discover bustling Portland

Some people call it ‘P-town’, ‘PDX’ or ‘Stumptown’, others prefer to call it the ‘City of Roses’ or ‘Beervana’. For a limited time only, Portland’s city guide can be downloaded free of...

History Portland


The history of Portland, Oregon, began in 1843 on the Willamette River in what was then called Oregon Country. The small stopping place along the west bank of the river was known as ‘The Clearing’ to American, Canadian, and British trader...

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Barista Pearl

Barista Pearl is situated in an ornate old building. It’s not just any coffee that is being served here since the ‘black gold’ is flown in from all around the world and the coffee beans are roasted by the best coffee roasters! This results in a delig...

Addy's Sandwich Bar

Feeling peckish while exploring Portland? You’ll have come to the right address when you go to Addy’s Sandwich Bar! You’ll find a wide range of sandwiches and other delicious food items here. Baguettes, paninis and salads, all of them are scrumptious...

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National Emergency Telephone Number

Portland is a safe city for the most part. Like in every other big city, it is wise to keep an eye on your belongings at all times and to lock the door of your accommodation and that of your car or bicycle if you happen to rent them. The national eme...

National Holidays

National holidays in the United States vary from those in Europe. Remember that shops, banks and supermarkets may be closed during national holidays. Official national holidays in the United States are as follows:   New Year’s Day: January 1st, Val...

Embassies and Consular Services

If you run into trouble with the authorities or if you’re experiencing problems with your passport, then your country's diplomatic mission in the United States can assist you. It is more than likely that your country is represented in the United...


The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States of America and its insular territories. Other currencies are not accepted. It is therefore wise to exchange euros or other currencies for dollars at one of Portland’s many currenc...