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Sightseeing in Athens by taxi

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Do you wish to see a lot of Athens in one afternoon, than you should call Nikos Vayatzakis. We travelled in his taxi from 14.45 to 20.00 for € 100.00. He drives around everywhere and tells you at length about the sights in and around Athens, so you don't even need a guide. You can stop anywhere for as long as you like. He also knows good and cheap places to eat in Athens. If you have any request or you want to see something else, you can always contact him for special arrangements.
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+39 945353117

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Meer transportation in Athens

From and to the airport

The easiest way to and from the airport is to get a taxi outside waiting between exit 1 and 4. It costs about € 25, so do ask for the price! Another option is the train that goes straight to central station (€ 6). Currently, some maintenance is b...

Taxis in Athens

Taxis in Athens are quite affordable, especially for short distances. As in most taxis there's a meter, but for long trips, a price per day or per trip can be arranged. The drivers are often also willing to drop you somewhere and pick you up a few...

Public Transport in Athens

In Athens you have the usual trams and buses, and recently there is also an underground railway. The metro has three lines and brings you to the most famous places in the city. It also goes to the airport. Trams and buses go through the entire city...