Information for Tourist Boards

Information for Tourist Boards

Let your destination shine on CityZapper

Information for tourist boards and city marketing organizations

City trips are more popular than ever with consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Research has shown that the Dutch make 3,1 million city trips per year! 89% of these were booked in advance and 81% was booked online (NBTC Nipo). 

The Dutch go on holiday more often and this growth is mainly realized by a 5% increase of city trips abroad. A clear trend is the increase in Dutch travel to the rest of Europe (+4%) as well as in Dutch intercontinental travel (+21%). NBTC-NIPO predicts that there will be even more growth on Dutch traveling intercontinental and to the rest of Europe. This proves that investing in our company is a good idea. On our platform we inspire our visitors with high quality information on what they can do during a city break and where they should go next. And that for over 15 years now! Unique is our online pdf city guide concept: visitors can compose their own city guide by selecting the items they like.

Via inspiring content integrations, advertisements, banners and social media campaigns we reach a wide group of tourists. Consumer approval is borne out by the 255,000 unique visitors that visit the website every month, the 87,500 subscribers of the newsletter and the 11,000 fans we have on social media (measured December 2021).
Who are our visitors?

The majority of our visitors (80%) is from the Netherlands and the rest (20%) from Belgium and other countries. CityZapper is the ideal website to bring your product and services to the specific attention of this adventurous group of frequent travelers with a mid-level or higher income. Our target group is between the 25 and 60 years old and has special interest in: travel (cities), lifestyle, art, culture, shopping and culinary aspects.

The key question is: why are you not yet represented on CityZapper? When over 30 international tourist boards trust their promotion and marketing budgets to us, why shouldn't you?

Contact us via mail or telephone (+31 20 320 76 88) to discuss how we can let your destination shine on CityZapper!