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Wall or no wall, during your visit to Berlin you'll soon see that a division between east and west still exists. There are actually two cities that are being reunited with might and main. Berlin is therefore building at a steady pace. Everywhere...

History Berlin


Slav tribes settled in the neighbourhood of what is now Berlin in the 7th century. The name Berlin probably derives from the Slav word 'Berl', meaning marsh. The two small city districts of Collm and Berlin merged to form a city at the beginn...

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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

The last event of the Philharmonic season is traditionally an open air concert in the Waldbuhne, a stadium which lies in the woods near the German capital. People bring their own champagne, salmon and caviar, transforming the Waldbuhne into a romanti...

The International Beer Festival

The International Beer festival is held in the first weekend of August each year. Over 240 breweries from 80 countries take part in the festival and over 1,750 different brands of beer are available. The festival stretches more than 2.2 km along the...

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U-Bahn in Berlin

In Germany, the underground or metro is called Untergrundbahn. Where there is an S-Bahn, most of the time, you don't have a U-Bahn, and the other way around. Specially in the centre of Berlin, it's pleasant to travel by U-Bahn, which brings you to ev...

Alexa Shoppingcentre

Are you in Berlin for shopping? Then you can't miss this one! Alexa is huge shopping mall at Alexanderplatz. It's recognisable due to its round interior. Especially for young adults, there's a lot to find here, from Vero Moda to Zara. Nevertheless, t...

S-Bahn in Berlin

The Stadtschnellbahn is an electric train between the stop train from the RegionalBahn an the city transportation from the Stadtbahn, while making a connections between the big cities and the municipalities. The trains have a very regular and fixed s...

Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

This museum is located in a former railway station. It depicts the relationship between technology, science, history, art, nature and the influence these things have on peoples' daily lives. Fourteen different departments offer a unique overview of m...