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During your visit to Bruges, you'll realize that this historic city offers much more than just souvenir shops, canal cruise boats and romantic coaches. The inner city vies with Amsterdam for the title 'Venice of Northern Europe'. Regar...

History Bruges


Bruges was originally a Gallo Roman settlement. Its people occupied themselves with agriculture, and traded with England and the rest of Gaul. The name Bruges possibly comes from the Old Norse word Bryjjga, meaning landing stage or port. Bruges has a...

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Ballroom Brugeoise

This swinging event transforms the centre of Bruges into Belgium's biggest ballroom! A ballroom where everyone, regardless of taste, age or litheness pulls out all the stops. Thousands of dance lovers hop, waltz, breakdance or rave their way across e...

Bruges Christmas Market

The centre of Bruges is transformed into a festive Christmas market from late November. You'll find more than just conviviality. You'll also find all sorts of unusual Christmas gifts at the market and the Simon Stevinplein. Little stalls sell Gluhwei...

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With the carriage through Bruges

For a very romantic trip, you get on a carriage, which will guide you through the city centre of Bruges. With the coachman telling about the picturesque places and the stories behind them, you will learn to appreciate Bruges from a different perspect...

Cycling in Bruges

Bruges is an ideal city for cycling. The majority of streets are one-way, but cyclists are exempted from this. A bike is therefore the best way of exploring Bruges and its surroundings. The city has excellent cycle paths and a bike is perfect for di...


No taste of Bruges' nightlife is complete without a visit to the Vuurmolen. This cafe stays open until early morning! Theme nights are a regular feature here, as are performances by well-known artists. Check out the website below for information abou...

Staminee de Garre

This old-fashioned pub might be hard to find, but it's really worth the search! Staminee de Garre is hidden in the smallest alley in Bruges. Just like the alley, the pub's very tight, nevertheless it's a cosy place full of atmosphere. This brown wood...