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Lisbon is the perfect city to spend a few days in. It's compact, reasonably priced, offers a wealth of culture and enjoys a pleasant climate almost all year round. Lisbon lies on the Tagus river and has a huge amount to offer in terms of cultu...

History Lisbon


Legend has it that Lisbon was founded by the Greek god Ulysses. In fact the city was founded in 1200 BC by the Phoenecians. Romans conquered the port city around 200 BC. When the Roman Empire collapsed, the city fell into the hands of tribes from the...

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Trams in Lsbon

Lisbon is the perfect city for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll. The tram, however, is the ultimate mode of transport. Little old trams move slowly through the picturesque steep and narrow streets. The trams follow various routes, most of which beg...

Transport from the airport

The national airport lies near Lisbon's city center, just 10 kilometres away. The easiest and cheapest way to get to the city is by the Aerobus, which departs every twenty minutes. These buses connect the Arrivals Terminal with Cais do Sodré station...

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Between Cais do Sodré and the Belém Tower they have paved a bicycle road, which should motivate the tourists as well as the locals in Lisbon to go by bike more often instead of public transport. The road is linked to to another 19 km long bicycle roa...

Silk Club

This is the most exclusive club you will encounter during your city trip. Here, the rich and successful of Lisbon gather to have drinks, while the most hip DJs play their music. The severe door policy sees to it that this place is a very popular hots...

Pavilhão Chinês

Pavilhão Chinês is a unique concept. In spite of what the name might suggest, the bar isn't particularly Chinese. It is made up of a number of areas where walls are all decorated with display cases. You'll find thousands of collectable items inside (...

Op Art Café

Electro music enthusiasts should visit Op Art Café during their city trip in Lisbon! This club is situated in a very special place between the small boats in the harbour of Santo Amaro. You are in the middle of the scenery, because the café's walls a...