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Cityreport Antonio Zamboni

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Antonio Zamboni is 34 years and is born in Venice. He is a medical specialist and takes his time off in the magnificent city centre.What makes this city so cool?I love its history, and you can see the most magnificent buildings here. I also love its delicious food and its famous gondolas. It's a very popular city, but because there are no cars, it is more quiet than you would expect.What's a real must during your trip in this city?Try to enjoy a nice long walk through the little alleys and romantic little streets. And, don't miss a little tour with a gondola on the grand Canal!What's your favourite restaurant?I regularly go with my friends or colleagues to Cicchetteria Venexiana da Luca e Fred. We always order a lot of small dishes with a bottle of good wine. It's a cosy restaurant and the food is prepared very traditionally. La Zucca is also a very good restaurant.What's your favourite club or bar in this city?B-bar is always fun. I've been going to this place since I was young, but in the meantime it has become more trendy. It's a very popular nightclub where top DJs regularly play. Their customers are very diverse. If you want take it a bit easier, Bacaro Jazz is also recommended. Order a cocktail and enjoy the live jazz music.What's your favourite area or street in Venice?Castello is my favourite area. This place is quite quiet and it has wonderful parks and squares like Campo Zan Zanipolo. During your city trip it's always nice to have a walk on the Riva degli Schiavoni.What place is the most fun for shopping?Mercerie is the best place for extensive shopping. In the main street, you find big fashion brands, but in the side streets you will find interesting, small and unique shops. If I quickly need something, I would go to Coin. This enormous mall has a bit of everything!Which one is your favourite shop?I frequently go to Coin for clothing, but I also love delicious food, so I regularly go to the Rialto market. In this market, they have everything you need for a good Italian dish. For delicious chocolate I go to Viziovirtù Chocolaterie. Here you will find the most amazing combinations with chocolate.Where's the trendy lunch spot?Ardidos is very popular and a lot of fun, where I regularly drink a cup of coffee. If you want to have a more quiet lunch, you should go to Cantina Vecia Carbonera. In this café, you can get delicious paninis and crostinis. Which museum would you recommend?If you want to know more about the history of Venice, Museo Correr will be very interesting. They display a lot of artefacts and artworks. If you're fond of modern art, you should visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Its collection consists of works from Kandinsky, Mondrian, Picasso.Define Venice in four words:Delightful, Authentic, Unique, Romantic.How would you describe the city-dwellers?Very temperamental, but nevertheless friendly. They are mostly very hospitable. Do try to speak a little bit Italian to create a connection.Describe your perfect weekend in Venice.At noon, I have lunch at Al Marcà. Afterwards, I would take a walk towards the San Marco square, or I would go shopping at Mercerie. In the weekend, I regularly visit a museum like Museo Correr or Museo d'Arte Orientale.Do you have some tips left for those coming to visit the city?Don't just focus on the big attractions, but also try to take a walk in alleys or in a small park, because those places always tend to have unexpected beauty to show.
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