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Venice is undoubtedly one of the world's most romantic destinations. It's the city of masks and, of course, the stylish carnival. The city comprises a group of over 120 small islands in the middle of a marshy lagoon (Laguna Veneta), the major...

History Venice


Venice developed on silt deposited by the rivers which flow into the Adriatic Sea. The silt formed small islands where fishermen and saltmakers were the first to settle. Later, wealthy Romans had their summer residences here. Thanks to its strategic...

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Festa della Madonna della Salute

This religious festival, which takes place on November 21 each year, is very popular in Venice. This day commemorates the end of the plague, which ravaged the city until 1631. Because the plague was stamped out, the then government decided to build a...

Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is a leading contemporary exhibition of art and architecture that's been organized regularly since 1895. The exhibition focuses on art in even years and architecture in odd years. The next art Biennale will take place in 2011, but...

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Venice Marathon

Hardcore athletes and fans of the Venice Marathon will certainly qualify the event as a "nice trip". For a city that has more seaways than roads, this is a unique and spectacular event. Runners from all around the world are participating under the...

The Market of Miracles

You really must visit this flea market when you're in Venice. It's perfectly possible to spend hours searching through the market, on the lookout for bargains and must-have items. The Market of Miracles is organized every year by various non-profit o...

Interpreti Veneziani

Should this world famous Venetian violin ensemble happen to be performing a concert during your visit, it's definitely worth going to hear them. The concerts are mostly held in the beautiful San Vidal Church, where you can listen to classical pieces...

Festa Della Sensa

On 1 May, the yearly Festa Della Sensa event takes place. This is the oldest event and was introduced during the Doge era. The Doges reigned between the 9th and the 18th century over the Venetian Republic. During the Festival, clergymen, important fu...